Testing Parameters


The chemical composition of the steel is tested at the steel making stage and the results are mentioned in the test certificate.


The elongation of a material is basically the percentage change in the length of the material when tension is applied along the length. All our materials are tested for their elongation and the value is mentioned in the test certificate.

Tensile Testing :

Tensile testing helps in finding out the maximum tensile load that the material can bear. It helps in specifying the UTS aswell as YS of the material.

Impact Testing:

It helps in establishing the impact load bearing capability of thematerial, that is, the force required to fracture it. It is ameasure of the toughness of the material.

Bend Test:

The bend test essentially measu a metal's ductility. Ductility defines how easily a metal can bend without breaking. The higher the ductility of a metal, the more it can bend without breaking or becoming deformed from its original shape. Our labs are equipped with the machinery to carry out bend test and provide the tested value on the Test Certificate .

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